Comprehensive solutions for
thermoforming and flat film extrusion

Our mission is to offer comprehensive solutions to all your needs via agencies, trade activities and services.

We create comprehensive solutions

Do you have a factory in the plastic processing industry or are you gathering information about setting up a factory? We get rid of all concerns and give you a clear idea of the options and costs, so you can focus on your relation with your buyers.

One Stop Shop

Several suppliers for your raw material, spare parts, peripherals and machines? We get rid of any concerns and enable you to always have the best solution. All this with the best price/quality guarantee.


Why choose us?

We offer a framework with which you can continually improve your organisation in a structured manner and give your organisation a targeted approach to turn the strategy into concrete results and to be more successful than your competitors.

Our mission

The plastic processing sector is a knowledge- and labour-dependent sector. BGM Plastic Solutions was established to offer accessible, efficient and easily operable machines and processes in the plastic processing industry. Via agencies, trade activities and services we offer the right match for you when it concerns solutions for the plastic processing industry, with an emphasis on thermoforming, flat film extrusion and complete recycle lines. BGM Plastic Solutions gets rid of any concerns and supports you to enable an optimum production result.

Our vision

Maximum production result in the plastic processing industry is the motto of BGM Plastic Solutions. It’s centred on quality in all areas of the process. This entails that we want to offer the best quality and the right choices through high quality innovative machines, tools and peripherals with an efficient and easy operation and a technical team. Through the proper management of machine maintenance and infrastructure we optimise the availability of your total production process.

Interested? We would like to contact you!

We would like to contact you to discuss the best options for your organisation with you and offer this in project form. We are committed to an optimum production result.