One contact for your entire process. Producing paperless according to BRC/IOP and ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Through fully automated process management we create relevant information that is linked to a robust ERP package.

What we do

Using our BGM Plastic template we offer a comprehensive solution where all your business processes including work instructions and finances are linked to a robust ERP package with an emphasis on Real Time Management Information.
  • Managing financial administration
  • Financial reports
  • Product-technical reports
  • Occupation reports
  • Order progress reports
  • Purchase and sales reports
  • Product signals
  • Maintenance signals
  • Quality signals
  • Purchasing signals
  • Supplier signals
  • HRM signals
  • Real-time Order Progress Information
  • Batch registration
  • Preparation management
  • Machine & Matrix management
  • Workflow management
  • Material planning (MRP)

Start with building a ‘smart’ factory of the future.

Streamline your production process, use production means as effectively as possible and optimise your production result.
I want a ‘smart’ factory!

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