Machinery & Equipment

Machinery & Equipment

Whether it concerns purchasing a spare part, developing new tools, investing in machines and peripherals or setting up a new factory, we offer the solution.

Premium support

Premium support

A production process that is operational 24/7 with minimal changeover times is the biggest dream of any entrepreneur. This is why we offer the possibility of outsourcing the installation of your entire infrastructure to guaranteeing and training your employees with us. We guarantee a maximum production result.

Raw material

Raw material

Without raw material your production process of course stagnates, but how can you guarantee the right conditions for your organisation? We fully unburden you in the purchase of your raw and auxiliary material without you having to pay too much. Better still, we offer you a price guarantee. From now on, you can always buy below the regular market prices without giving up any quality.

We optimise the processes and maximise your production result.

Process management

A fully automated production process including work instructions and track & trace of your production enables creating real-time insight into the shop floor in all phases.

Management information

As an entrepreneur you of course want a healthy company. Through fully automated process management we create relevant information that is linked to a robust ERP package. From now on, you have all relevant parameters to make the right decisions on management level.

ISO 9001:2008 and BRC/IOP proof

The greatest advantage of our comprehensive solution is that we set up the process with which you set about working in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and BRC/IOP standards.

Simple implementation

We all know the expensive ERP packages. High purchasing consultancy and maintenance costs, followed by the implementation. We keep it simple and offer everything in a clear package with a clear price structure and timeframe and the right support.

Knowledge, experience and clear processes.

Simple business processes

We know just like you that the plastic processing industry is knowledge- and labour-dependent. This is why we are maximising automation to be able to continue your processes with minimal knowledge-dependent labour, and are minimising the individual nature in order to be able to continue your processes.


We offer training options to get (new) employees up-to-date on knowledge when it comes to the correct use of machines and peripherals, efficient maintenance and tracking and recovering errors.

Maintenance contracts

Maintenance contracts for machines, peripherals and infrastructure prevent stagnation of your production process and guarantees the longevity of your machinery and infrastructure.

Maximum production result in the plastic processing industry is the motto of BGM Plastic Solutions. We optimise and set up all business processes with the required care, using the right machines, peripherals, tools, infrastructure and of course the right raw material.
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