Your representative

A representation of your brand with a clear strategy & added value for your technological developments.

Personal contact with the lead as advisers with passion and ambition for the plastic processing industry. We don’t visit a lead to sell, but to advise on a new investment. Clear perception of the customer’s needs and a framework of the options we can fill in on your behalf as a producer.

No false promises or expectations, but realisable facts with which we work on the right expectations for the lead. We do not aim for a one-off transaction, but for a long-term relationship that is built up through trust.


What we do


Active promotion of your products in our network, the media and sector-related trade fairs.

We know the lead

Our production background enables us to talk with you about details, because of which we can clearly represent needs and operate as the right sparring partner.

Reporting about your products

We continue to keep close contact with the lead. If an offer is not accepted, we will send you a detailed report to give you an idea of which factors were a reason for rejection, and of course vice versa.

Aftersales services

Aftersales means more than a cup of coffee once in a while. We support placement, installation and the training of employees to unburden the customer with everything concerning the investment.

Maintenance services

In order to be able to guarantee maximum productivity, we offer the customers maintenance contracts with which we can keep the satisfaction about the investment on a maximum level.

Interested in our services? Discuss the possibilities.

Technical department

  • Regular maintenance of your machines, peripherals and infrastructure;
  • 24/7 breakdown service for your machines, peripherals and infrastructure;
  • Installation and assembly of infrastructure;
  • Review of work;


  • Correct use of machines and peripherals;
  • Efficient maintenance;
  • Tracing and rectifying errors;
  • Optimising the production process;